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The Bankruptcy Shop



The Bankruptcy Shop is a partnership between O'Gorman and Sandroni, P.C. and Angela Redden Jansen, J.D.


Mrs. Jansen provides top quality legal service in the area of debtors rights. She files bankruptcies on behalf of those clients that need that service, but she also represents her clients against overreaching banks and lenders ensuring that the borrower is on even footing with even the largest banks in the land.


Mrs. Jansen is also well versed in all other facets of debtor protection.


  • Bankruptcy Law    (Chapter 7 & 13)

  • FDCPA Law           (Fair Debt Collection and Practices Act)

  • MMPA Law            (Missouri Merchandising Practices Act)

  • HAMP Law            (Home Affordable Modification Program)







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